Corporate Governance

We believe corporate governance is an essential part of a culture that enable us to meet short term objectives while showing to realize the long-term vision of the firm.

Our goal therefore has been to foster good governance acknowledge that it is key to the sustainability and integrity of the firm

Our approach thus flenses on the three pillars under planning corporate governance.


Complying with governance and regulatory standards needs a sound professional compliance function. This function offers sound guidance and advice to the firm and its monitoring activities ensure that any improper conduct or failure to comply with regulatory requirements is addressed immediately.

Internal Audit:

Rapid changes as well as the complexity of our business organizational dynamics and the regulatory environments in which the firm operates regular as the efficiency of control system and contributes to ongoing effectiveness through sound management reporting.

Risk management:

Diminished confidence in financial reporting among investors have again emphasized the need for a structured and disciplined approach to understanding and managing business risks. The firm’s investment committee is responsible for entrenching this culture.