Investment Bank

Mergers & Acquisitions

EcoCapital Investment Management provides the necessary investment and corporate financial advice needed to prepare any two companies for a merger or acquisition either as a predator or the prey. EcoCapital has a dedicated team with the necessary experience to guide any merger and acquisitions transaction from identification of the need to merge to the final output of the merger or acquisition

Debt and Equity Capital Market

With EcoCapital’s wide network of strategic investors, we are able to assist corporate institutions to take the necessary steps to raise capital in the form of debt, equity or both to finance its operational activities. Capital can be raised through the various Stock Exchanges in Ghana as well as through private placement.

Corporate Finance Advisory

EcoCapital provides a full scale of business advisory on all aspects of operation necessary for improvement of performance. This is done to improve cash flow position and improve the firm’s profitability. We are able to develop and aid companies in the development of various strategic plans necessary for the success of either, the entire organization, a business unit or a functional unit. Also investment advice can be provided for individuals of corporate bodies interested in investing in other companies, joint ventures and private equity.