Tailored Service & Solutions

Portfolio Management

This is mainly for high net worth individuals, with complex portfolios of investment holdings. EcoCapital Investment Management provides the critical management expertise for optimum portfolio returns, given clients’ objectives, constraints and risk tolerance levels. This is not merely a question of quality of service it is the strategic business of matching investments to your specific needs and aspirations as they change over time. Our strategies are designed around your circumstances and long-term goals.

Retirement Planning & Advisory

Our Financial Advisory team provides advice to our clients and the general public in relation to a wide range of strategic and financial matters especially in relation to retirement.

We nurture long-term, high-level relationships with existing and new clients as their trusted, independent advisor on financial transactions such as due diligences, valuations, fairness opinions, restructurings, risk management and other financial matters.

EcoCapital also offers unique and specialized retirement plans and services. We assist our clients and prospective clients in the design, implementation, administration and communication of a wide range of retirement plans. EcoCapital remains committed to providing these services to our clients and the general public implement retirement plans that control costs and give beneficiaries a sense of security.

Fund management

EcoCapital’s investment philosophy focuses on capital preservation and growth through a disciplined investment approach that leverages the optimal usage of rigorous and well balanced fund management strategies.

Our investment focus is on advising optimal performance at a given level of risk, we will not attempt to maximize returns for clients at any cost. We continuously examine our client’s portfolio to ensure that we do not subject client’s funds to any undue risk

Pension fund management

EcoCapital is registered and licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) and the Securities and Exchange Commission to provide pension fund management services under the National Pensions Act 2008, (Act 766). The Pensions Unit works with trustees licensed by the NPRA with the ultimate goal of achieving optimal returns and enhanced pension benefits for our mutual clients.

EcoCapital provides sound professional pension fund management advice to trustees. We also make investment choices and decisions in line with the NPRA’s investment guidelines to maximize scheme returns at the lowest possible risk. We also assist trustees to come out with portfolio strategies that corresponds with the investment objectives and of scheme members.

Investment Research

Every investment decision made at EcoCapital on your behalf and the advice we give to       you are based on sound knowledge and deep analysis of the economy and financial markets. Our Research team is made of qualified and experienced professionals with broad industry knowledge and skills.

We seek to find fundamentally strong and well-managed companies that represent both value and growth opportunities to investors.

EcoCapital also provide updates on the local and global economy, financial markets and specific industries and how these developments will affect your investment and business.

Online trading

EcoCapital is currently developing an online trading platform that will be used to trade both listed and over the counter securities in Ghana. The said system will also be used to trade in foreign stocks through the integration with other stock markets and capital market operators.