Why EcoCapital

  1. An investment team with great expertise and several years of international and local experience.
  2. Free pension-related and investment advisory services to individuals, clubs and corporate institutions.
  3. We provide products with superior returns, competitive returns and flexibility at all times.
  4. You can easily start your own investment with a minimum GH¢50.00 for our Prime Fund
Deciding what is Right for You

As each asset class has varying levels of return and risk, investors should consider their risk tolerance, investment objectives, time horizon and available capital as the basis for their asset composition.

To make the asset allocation process easier for clients, EcoCapital creates a series of model portfolios, each comprising different proportions of asset classes. These portfolios of different proportions satisfy a particular level of investor risk tolerance. In general, these model portfolios range from conservative to very aggressive:

While you decide how to allocate your portfolio, keep in mind several allocation strategies and their goals. Each one offers a different approach based on the investor’s time frame, goals and risk tolerance. The most common strategies include strategic, tactical, constant weighting and systemic asset allocation.

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