Fund Description

EcoCapital Prime Fund Ltd is an open-end mutual fund which invests primarily in money market instruments, with the objective of maximizing current income to the extent consistent with the preservation of capital and maintenance of liquidity to meet short term needs whiles enhancing shareholders’ wealth.


The fund shall invest in money market instruments, with maturities up to or less than one year.


The Fund posted a return of 1.44 % in the month of September and also, recorded a growth rate of 3% taking into account all monies received into the fund and redemptions that have also hit the fund for the period under review. The fund made a 3-month and 6-month return of 4.41 % and 14 .46 % respectively. The inception to date return on the fund is 41 %.


The Fund Manager

EcoCapital Investment Management Limited (EIML) is an investment management firm and a fund manager of the second and third tiers of the pension scheme licensed by the Security and Exchange Commission and National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPR) respectively. We are committed to providing quality financial solutions and investment advisory services to both private and institutional investors in Ghana and Africa. Click here to download factsheet.